Hello World

Dec 1, 2011 · 1 minute read · Comments

Hi all,I am starting fresh this blog b’cos i am entering a new phase of my life.I have been learning theories for last 24 years a lot.Now it is high time to make some useful things out of it.Life is all about choices.I had to made a couple of them.This is my first weekend after the first two days of my Job @ WSO2.No doubt it is one of the best decisions i made in my life to choose WSO2 as my internship company.Since then the way of learning change drastically.I met lots of people.I specially thank Dr.Srinath Perera who played different roles in my life as a mentor and supervisor.
There are lots of promising things coming up in my life.New technologies, new processes to learn and adopt which i mostly welcome to my life to embrace new challenges.
I am sure this blog will be the public “source code” of my life.If you believe if there is something useful please adopt, modify and redistribute.

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