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Better testing with Testng

Dec 23, 2011 · tech · 3 minute read · Comments

Most of the programmers busy with writing code and forget the importance of having tested the implementations then and there.When you start writing tests you should select the best suitable framework for your job or else you will make things worse. There are few different tests such asUnit test : You have a clear narrow and well defined scope to check a single point of large story/ contractIntegration test : In this you will be checking inter operation with more than one sub systems and may expand across system boundaries.

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Tweaks for your Thinkpad with Linux

Dec 4, 2011 · tech · 3 minute read · Comments

I got a thinkpad T520 recently which i would say really cool due to its form factor and also due to some “serious” configuration it had out of box  .But if you happened to install a Linux distro things would not be smooth.There are less problems if you use a recent distro which has the knowledge of what “Sandybridge” is capable of [1].I am using LinuxMint 12 so these tweaks valid for Ubuntu 11.

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Hello World

Dec 1, 2011 · life · 1 minute read · Comments

Hi all,I am starting fresh this blog b’cos i am entering a new phase of my life.I have been learning theories for last 24 years a lot.Now it is high time to make some useful things out of it.Life is all about choices.I had to made a couple of them.This is my first weekend after the first two days of my Job @ WSO2.No doubt it is one of the best decisions i made in my life to choose WSO2 as my internship company.

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