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What should you do when your mobile phone is lost?

Mar 20, 2015 · life · 2 minute read · Comments

Have you ever lost your mobile phone in your life? I have lost twice and yes it is not a great position to be. But these two incidents had two different implications. When i lost my first phone it was a nokia phone (N71 to be exact) which was quite a smart phone at that time around 2007. Yes i wanted to find the phone but could not the story was over and life went on.

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When should you give up ?

Feb 25, 2015 · life · 1 minute read · Comments

 When should i give up something?  So you should never give up something until you find something you really want. Yes... Until you find it.. :). We usually draw the give up line on what society believe, Not what we really believe. We often create boundaries on what society believes achievable. Until someone who really believe him or herself step in expand the limits. We never thought someone could fly until wright brothers flew, We never imagined a world speaking with someone thousand of miles away until Alexander Graham Bell invented the first practical telephone.

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How to use python BOTO framework to connect to Amazon EC2

Feb 17, 2015 · tech · 1 minute read · Comments

 Python Boto framework is an excellent tool to automate things with Amazon. You have almost everything to automate Amazon EC2 using this comprehensive library. A quick guide on how to use it in your project 1) Configure your EC2 credentials to be used by your application using one of the followings. /etc/boto.cfg - for site-wide settings that all users on this machine will use~/.boto - for user-specific settings~/.aws/credentials - for credentials shared between SDKs 

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Perfect Memory.. A Skill developed or a gifted super natural ?

Feb 3, 2015 · life · 2 minute read · Comments

 In the previous post i discussed about the importance of developing a most important gift a human has inside his brain.... the memory. In this world we have externalized most of the important stuff to external digital world. In a way it has made things evolving faster. We are gathering much more knowledge than earlier. Wait.. Is it knowledge or knowledge pointers? The most suitable word is knowledge pointers using which we can retrieve knowledge easily.

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Do we need to master memory in Google's Era ?

Feb 2, 2015 · life · 2 minute read · Comments

 If you need any information you just type Google. Simple is n't it? So do we have to bother about memorizing anything this world? Is there a pay back for what you memorize? Can we rely on internet and only just learn how to search and can we be successful?  I am sure most of the people have forgotten the importance of memorizing things in this information age. But the people who master memorizing things excel more often than people who do not.

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Learning Math and Science - Genius Mind

Jan 29, 2015 · life · 3 minute read · Comments

 Do you think learning math and science is something alien from outer universe ? Do you struggle to solve complex mathematics or science problems? If you keep on adding questions there will be a lot to add on. Because even i have some of those problems in my mind. I excelled in college and was able to get into the top engineering University in Sri Lanka. At present i am reading for my Masters Degree in Distributed computing in Europe which involve Science and Mathematics heavily.

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Handy Mac OSX shortcuts to work with Terminal

Nov 11, 2014 · tech · 1 minute read · Comments

Clean up the line: You can use Ctrl+U to clear up to the beginning. Clean up the line: Ctrl+A Ctrl+K to wipe the current line in the terminal  Cancel the current command/line: Ctrl+C. Recall the deleted command: Ctrl+Y Go at the beginning of the line: Ctrl+A Go at the end of the line: Ctrl+E Remove the forward words for example, if you are middle of the command: Ctrl+K Remove characters on the left, until the beginning of the word: Ctrl+W To clear your entire command prompt: Ctrl + L

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How to Remote Debug Standalone Hadoop

Nov 9, 2014 · tech · 1 minute read · Comments

  When you run your map reduce applications you may have hiccups here and there and may need to have a look inside. If you need to remote debug rather going through logs and figuring out what went wrong following is the procedure. I am using Intellij Idea as the IDE but for other IDE's process is similar. 1) In Intellij Idea go to Run > Edit Configuration and then click on "

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How to correct ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket /tmp/mysql.sock on Mac OS X

Oct 25, 2014 · tech · 1 minute read · Comments

I tried to install mysql using home-brew. Everything was successful But could not connect to the server. Obviously server have not started. ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) Sigh.. Following command rescued me.. mysqld stop mysql.server startI found it in this stack overflow answer.

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How to install Hadoop Standalone / Pseudo Distributed mode 2.X.X on Mac with OS X Mavericks

Oct 11, 2014 · tech · 2 minute read · Comments

                                                          Image source: I was searching for a complete tutorial on installing Hadoop on Mac and play around with it. There are resources on installing Hadoop with "HomeBrew" which is the missing package manager in Mac ;). But i do not want to offload all the configuration burden to it as i need to learn this from top to bottom.

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